I’ve done it the procedure about a dozen times now. Now, the phone will bring up the apple logo on a black screen, but it does nothing. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Apr 2, 4: Lawrence Finch Lawrence Finch.

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Now, the phone will bring up the apple logo on a black screen, but it does nothing. Jan 26, 8: Cannot restore About 1 month ;pn, my iPad 3 began to display error messages when starting up: Apr 2, 4: To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

When I plugged it into a wall outlet with the original USB cord and wall adapter, it initially showed that it had a low battery. User profile for user: User profile for user: View answer in context.

White screen of death, what does it mean?

Especially in very dry weather; it doesn’t take much of a static discharge to destroy an iphone or any sensitive electronic device. If you’re unable to do the Restore or it doesn’t helpg o into Recovery Mode per the instructions here. The phone was unresponsive when I hit the lock screen button or home nabd.


I’ve tried to restore it, and the only reason I did was because my internet connection gave out with less than an hour left, but now I’m rethinking my decision. Above is the error that I started receiving this morning.

White screen of death, what does it mean? | MacRumors Forums

It’s always risky opening an iPhone, which is why Apple considers it serious enough so they won’t fix a phone that has been opened. I’ve seen a few other people who have also had this issue, and their problem turned out to be some kind of camera naand thing, or a main logic board.

That is generally a hardware error with either your iPad dock connector, aple cable, or the USB port on the computer. Feb 20, 6: I’m trying to meet with my friend who fixed it tomorrow so hopefully she will see a simple solution.

Dec 19, 3: I’ve already tried Recovery Mode I’ve basically ruled out water damage after checking the indicators!

[NAND] _FindFlashMediaAndKeepout Error – Apple Community

Any help would be much appreciated. In fact, I’ve tried it nane many times that when I start up the iPad it asks the iTunes connection even if I don’t press the home button Helpful answers Drop Down menu.

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Thanks for the help. The phone wasn’t plugged into anything and appeared to have turned off due to a low battery.

Also, since you have IOS-7, read this. Nov 22, 4: Well I was using my iphone 5, When I’ve seen some actual Apple employees post on the discussions but nothing useful; the typical have you read the troubleshooting steps, here’s some links to error messages, etc When I try to restore, just after the “extracting software” step, iPad disconnects and I get “error ” I have the same problem and i had fix it already.

Start with trying a different cable, if that doesn’t work try it on a different computer. I got all the screen back together and problem was there again!