Works great, as you will see when you first turn on the computer: They allow you to easily open your favourite email program and preferred internet browser while being customizable to your liking. Easilly accessible USB and ethernet ones. The keyboard is semi-ergonomic style so the keys are smaller as compared to big keypads. Angle view of Ferrari view larger image. This is where I think Acer skimped out the most.

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Review of Acer Ferrari

If you want the four buttons here are also reprogramable, a general theme of this notebook. Finally, some icons might be a little blurry, as they are not made for the high resolution. The sensational design is the icing on the cake.

Controls are accessible as previously mentioned, but a little annoying as you can accidentally turn them off depending on how you type.

Acer Ferrari 3400 Review

Its battery life is not so good so the mobile users will not be satisfied with the battery backup. The Ferrari sits at Pictures Closeup of Touchpad view larger image Above view of Ferrari view larger image Angle view of Ferrari view larger image Front view of Ferrari view larger image Above view keyboard of Ferrari view larger image Underneath ferrar of Ferrari view larger image Left-side view of Ferrari view larger image Back-side view of Ferrari view larger image Other Features Sound Onboard Frrrari sound comes stock with the Acer Ferrari The Dell was a great value, but the look left something to be desired in my opinion.


These are the things that are commonly overlooked by laptop buyers.

Design as a whole is very nice. This is one of the areas I think Acer skimped out on.

Left-side view of Ferrari view larger image. The latter lets you vvd the buttons, but I like to use it for Microsoft Word. Above view of Ferrari view larger image. Honestly, I have no complaints about speed on this laptop, as would be expected. Acer Ferrari Out of the Box view larger so2. The keypad is little curvy according to the trend with somewhat style. I dont want to go back into the design too much, but this looks sensational.

No leaks or any other issues, just a great screen.

Acer definitely thought through everything when designing the Ferrari. Half life 2the game is very playable on middle to higher resolution. Bluetooth and Lan buttons are nice, but not sure why they are on front.

Not sure if I like it more than a regular one, but it isnt horrible. Integrated microphone and two speakers.

Acer Ferrari | Gadget | Spesifikasi – Harga – Review | Informasi Seputar Gadget Terbaru |

What I did have to do though is go on the Acer site www. Quick reference sheet, phone cable, LCD screen cloth, warranty information, and a several software disks for both drivers and a windows XP Pro disk.


Some things people might not like though is that it is a ferradi wide screen, which is great for excel stuff but not so good for web browsing.

Windows XP Professional I made the mistake of playing around on my computer at 5: It also comes with a big monitor enabling you to turn the resolution up enjoying good graphics, lots of desktop space for various applications as well as big-screen DVD playback. Very easy to put in, as it just fits in the back. Noise Level The Acer Ferrari is quite noisy.

Looks To me, this laptop has it acsr the rest. It is a very wide screen, so that could be part of it. I personally like the matte finish better than the reflective ones, as I will use this outside quite a bit. So, I decided to write my own.