The WingStreet agreement provides that the maximum royalty fee to be charged to a Delco unit that incorporates the WingStreet product line should not exceed 6. We rely on encryption and authentication technology licensed from third parties to provide the security and authentication to effectively secure transmission of confidential information, including customer payment card numbers. Franchise agreement asset development and upgrade requirements. Royalties paid to PHI are impacted by changes in royalty rates under our existing franchise agreements. Accordingly, the Company meets the criteria for aggregating its operating segments for reporting purposes.

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If we fail to remedy any material weakness, our consolidated financial statements may be inaccurate and we may face restricted access to the capital markets.

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Federal, state and local environmental regulations relating ccard the use, storage, discharge, emission, release and disposal of hazardous materials could expose us to liabilities, which could adversely affect our results of operations. The price charged for each menu item may vary from market to market and within markets depending on competitive pricing and the local cost structure. Equivalent units represent the number of units open at the beginning of a given period, adjusted for units opened, closed, temporarily closed, acquired or sold during the period on a weighted average basis.

PHI is owned and operated by Yum!. To the extent that our Pizza Hut delivery sales mix increases due to changes in occasion mix or the lam of units, our labor costs would be expected to increase due to the more labor intensive nature of the delivery transaction. If we are unable to renew our restaurant leases, we may be forced to close or relocate a restaurant, which could subject us to construction and other costs and risks, and could have a material adverse effect on our business and results of operations.

Most ingredients used in our products, particularly cheese, beef, dough and meats, which are the largest components of our food costs, are subject to significant price fluctuations as a result of seasonality, weather, demand and other factors. If our reserves were inadequate to cover costs associated with resolving or settling claims associated with these programs, or if a judgment substantially in excess of our insurance czrd is entered against us, our financial condition and cash flow could be adversely affected.


Free Avg Anti Virus Installer. XP Lan Pro 3. The royalty rate paid on WingStreet sales is the same as Pizza Hut product sales. Our operating costs and expenses are comprised of cost of sales, direct labor, other restaurant operating expenses and general and administrative expenses.

Further, we may be subject to employee and other claims in the future based on, among other things, discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination and wage, rest break and meal break issues, including those relating to overtime compensation. The occurrence of any one or more of the risks or uncertainties described below could have a material adverse effect on our consolidated financial condition, results of operations and cash flows.

Current portion of debt.

In addition, in the future, our insurance premiums may increase and we may not be able to obtain similar levels of insurance on reasonable terms or at all. In accordance with accounting guidance for business combinations, the Company allocates the purchase price of an acquired 81339d to its identifiable assets and liabilities based on estimated fair values.

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Accordingly, we are subject to all of the risks generally associated with owning and leasing real estate, including changes in the investment climate for real estate, demographic trends and supply or demand for the use of the restaurants, as well as potential liability for environmental contamination.

Payments under revolving credit facility. The excess of the purchase price over the amount allocated to the assets and liabilities, if any, is recorded as goodwill. Our Wendy’s restaurants take delivery of food and supplies two to three times a week. The disruptions in the global credit markets may impede the ability of financial institutions syndicated under our revolving credit facility to fulfill their commitments, which could adversely affect our liquidity.


Information contained on that website is not part of this Form K. Further, adverse publicity resulting from these allegations may materially affect us and our restaurants. To the extent we cannot refinance our Senior Secured Credit Facilities prior to maturity on favorable terms or at all, our financial condition and results of operations may be materially adversely affected.

Cash flows from operating activities. Trademarks and Trade Names. Further, results for any quarter are not necessarily indicative of the results that may be achieved for the full fiscal year. Our success will depend, in part, on the efforts of our executive officers and other key employees most of whom have extensive experience with our company and in our industry. Consolidated Balance Sheet Data: Our obligation to continue making rental payments in respect of leases for closed restaurants could have a material adverse effect on our business and results of operations.

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The scope of the remodel requirements vary based upon i the asset type, ii the date of the last asset action and iii in carx cases population density. Supplemental disclosures of cash flow information: Future acquisitions or increased capital expenditures, depending on the size, may require borrowings beyond those available on our Revolving Facility and therefore may require utilization of the additional term loan borrowing capacity under our Senior Secured Credit Facilities, which requires additional commitments from lenders, as well as other sources crad debt or additional equity capital.

In connection with the grant of the conditional collective action certification under the FLSA on December 13,the Court ordered the parties to submit a joint proposed notice for approval by the Court no later than April 14, Additionally, csrd are an operationally driven company that is focused on running efficient restaurants while providing high levels of customer service and quality food at attractive values.