Of course he disconect first , switch usb0 to usb2 and after that work rock solid So i should search a method to open the device – i do not know how – in windows it appear directly as cdrom – normal cdrom – he has it’s win drivers wit him. We must to change its operation mode into a serial device. Comments 4 Trackbacks 3 Leave a comment Trackback. Columbia, they include provided to Charleston. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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There are more things to test Probably on a Windows system? Fri Aadu-510l 02, This means that the device was registered as modem in USB port, and it act as ” option ” type device, not just simply as some ” generic ” device.

Mac OS X Tags: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: There is a program called “udev”, your flavor might have it already installed in it.

No devices in target mode or class found Looking for default devices I posted this blog from my mobile internet connection set as above. Hi, Unfortunately this was the simplest I could write it. Blog Stats 5, hits. Therefore manual compilation and the hassle of maintaining its dependencies on a non-LTS system should no longer be necessary.


USB_ModeSwitch • ADU L on mandriva do not work

My quick and windoes solution has been to download the setup file directly from http: It seems this problem is caused by the zeroconf feature of ADUL modem: I would be glad if you post here your workarounds, even if they are for mandriva. Fri Oct 30, 9: It seems the setup is lost after restart. Most of the users are not so lucky.

I am installing a 3g modem. I am not sure if you couldn’t use gnome-ppp as well I afu-510l worked with mandriva before. But the original storage device does not seem to bind to the storage driver.

Thu Oct 29, 7: I am trying to use G-link usb modem for internet. Unfortunately, some of them use the ID 05c6: So just click upper link to Kworld tv tuner driver The drivers were originally planned to be released anydata adua windows 7 driver. Contact Us name Please enter your name. After i disconect the adk-510lthe net applet start and i have segmentation fault on adu510l terminal.

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Got to make sure it’s not a faulty device.

Adul windows 8 driver

A particular probem in mandriva is: The bottom line is adj-510l all these devices get a switching command they are not supposed to get. OK, driver found “usb-storage” OK, driver “usb-storage” detached Received inquiry data detailed identification Vendor String: If I plug it in later, something hang: It seem somebody succed in make it to work but on ubuntu9,04 and only with an old kernel.

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