For Agfa ePhoto Digital Cameras. I speak for no camera manufacturer or camera store, I’m just a consumer who spends his money the way you do – one dollar at a time OK, so maybe a thousand at a time! The pillar box goes from black to white. This must be the best digital camera bargain yet. My web server is NOT unlimited, there are several full-size images available, look at the notes below to determine which is which. Exposure Parameters Exposure Compensation.

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When in the low-light mode the LCD screen is not updated as often and the images are herky-jerky but very useable. Connections Memory Card Slot. The agca amount and percentage simply signifies the calculated difference between the seller-provided price for the item elsewhere and the seller’s price on eBay. Ephpto this same camera store they have a big fish tank in the center of the store with an underwater camera in it. It takes a while to get used to using the This may well be because higher-end products cost many thousands of pounds and are considered a risk or unjustifiable expense by many photographers – photographers who would otherwise be keen to dip their toes in the digital water.

An interesting feature of the ePhoto is that the flash unit is attached to the side of the lens. The circus poster was chosen as a difficult one for the auto exposure: The guy’s face and body were perfectly exposed even with the bright light directly behind his head.

I figured this shot would be a disaster at best right? Very simple, very quick – a few minutes later there’s all your JPG images sitting in a subdirectory ready to be viewed or manipulated. All the images were taken using the camera hand-held.


Agfa ePhoto 1280 – Digital Camera

All of these pictures were taken in the ” HI” mode which is x with very low JPG compression. The ePhoto is designed for the quality-conscious, and those business professionals who need to capture images for documentation or communication in fields such as real estate, insurance, law enforcement, contracting, and design. It came out perfectly focused as well as perfectly exposed on the tank, the fish inside and quite a bit of the room around it.

Both store the images at x pixels but each using increased compression over the previous. The camera comes with one 4MB card, cmaera hidden away in a compartment revealed when the two parts of the camera are rotated.

AGFA Digital Camera ePHOTO User Guide |

The price of course will be even lower than the and might better fit your budget if you don’t need the ultra high resolution mode for printing your pictures. I framed the chart accurately using the LCD panel and a czmera but the camera saw cameta more, shooting off the edges of the chart. There are four flash modes: The one thing that annoyed me about the new Olympus DL was its lack of manual controls — not a problem with the ePhotoit has a plethora of user controls and overrides.

These video camera teleconverter lense are readily available at most camera and video stores, pick one up and give it a try!

If you’ve been hesitant about dipping your toes into the digital water, this could be exactly the push you’ve been waiting for. Agfa ePhoto – Digital Camera. Agfa is committed to creating a strong family of advanced, affordable digital cameras that give the customers a wide range of choices to match their needs.

When considering the possible suitability of a digital camera for professional use, I judge whether it could be used to capture images good enough for either full page, half page or quarter page in a high-quality magazine. This car is just the kind of image which this camera might be used for. This means that as you swivel the main body of the camera with the LCD screen the flash remains constant with the lens – always aiming towards the subject.


After leaving the camera store I went off to Dunedin Beach to get some sun-sand-water-boat shots but the sun ducked behind some clouds and stayed that way for the rest of the afternoon. The only specs were that it is apixel CCD with a real resolution of x but interpolated by the PhotoGenie tm software to x But there is utility in the theory of using AA-size cells, they’re readily available at the local store in the event that your rechargables go dead when you’ve left the charger at home.

It is supposed to be available in January Most common 35mm users were not too comfortable with it’s design but on the plus side, the picture quality was extremely good for it’s time thanks to the PhotoGenie software inside the camera that could enhance the quality and remove unwanted artifacts.

Please bear this in mind when you look at these pictures – and wait for them to download! Computational photography remakes phone photos, while Canon and Nikon embrace the camera design of the future. With its ePhoto family, Agfa is committed to providing this choice, while giving customers high quality and ease of use. Apart from that they are both completely identical.