In the current context of cultural diversity, the use of vertical jump performance as a predictor of muscular power should be considered with caution when dealing with populations of different ethnic origins. Future studies should incorporate a control group to verify kinesio taping’s effects and its influence on injured athletes. Work was equated between the 2 groups. Effects of light-load maximal lifting velocity weight training vs. A model was created using multiple regression analysis and allometric scaling. All subjects performed isometric strength testing of the knee extensors and flexors and vertical jumps before and after the intervention. The aim of the present study was to verify the validity and reliability of the Myotest accelerometric system Myotest SA, Sion, Switzerland for the assessment of vertical jump height.

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The first study showed that the 2 photocell mats underestimated the vertical jump height 1.

Skiing is a sport where balance and strength are critical and which can be practiced actively especially from early years to old age. Meta-analyses of randomised and non-randomised controlled trials that evaluated the effect of PT aopne four typical vertical jump height tests were carried out: The overall weighted ES of 0.

Vertical jump performance is one of the key factors in basketball.

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FTla – Term These results indicate that the presented algorithm could be applied to foot-worn inertial sensors to estimate maximum jump height enabling assessment outside of traditional laboratory settings, and to avoid bias errors, the toe may be a more suitable location for inertial sensor placement than the heel. Furthermore, given the multi-planar nature of soccer, establishing between-limb differences from multiple jump tests is warranted.


Jump height was measured to the nearest 0. For a control condition, subjects performed squats with no WBV.

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This study investigated vertical jumps from single support for two trans-tibial amputees from a standing position. Limited research exists examining the effect of moderately loaded conditioning activities that are employed as part of a strength-power potentiating complex SPPC.

Therefore, the goal of this study was to determine if asymmetries exist in maximal effort single-leg vertical jumps. The current findings indicate that anthropometric measures are less associated with kinematics than with kinetics.

They completed a single squat and countermovement jump at basal time no kinesio taping24, and 72 hours of kinesio taping application on the gluteus maximus, biceps femoris, rectus femoris, gastrocnemius medialis, and longissimus. However, the contribution of neuromuscular activation and rate of torque development to jump performance in children and youth is unclear.

vertical jumping performance: Topics by

I down S3 monthly 3U4 Oakwood-bonlevard. LinxTechnology Wireless Adapter Drivers 4 models. Seventy-two selected volleyball players from the region of Athens age The type of mat Contact vs. All intraclass correlation coefficients ICC were greater than 0. The simulations were run in two modes. Effects of light-load maximal lifting velocity weight training vs. In conclusion, Myotest-T is a valid and reliable method for the assessment of vertical jump height, and its use is legitimate for field-based evaluations, whereas Myotest-V is neither valid nor reliable.

The differences in jumping capacities should be emphasized vis-a-vis differences in the anthropometric measures of players, where middle hitters had higher BH and body weight, followed by opposite hitters and receivers, with no differences in the BMI between positions. The mechanisms used to achieve flight and the compensatory mechanisms used in the production of force in the absence of plantarflexors are detailed.


No statistical difference was observed in CMJ height 0. The aim of this systematic review and meta-analysis was to determine the effectiveness of plyometric training on vertical jump VJ performance of amateur, collegiate and elite female athletes. The efficiency of the proprioceptive system is indirectly related to jumps performed at specified heights.

The aims of the study were a to explore the overall VJ performance of elite volleyball players of both sexes, b to explore the differences in VJ performance among different competition levels and different playing positions, and c to evaluate the sex-related differences in the role of the arm swing and 3-step approach with arm swing on the jump height.

Effect of different rest intervals after whole-body vibration on vertical jump performance. This investigation showed the crucial role that specific plyometric regimens play in optimizing similar biomechanical featured functional performancessuch as jumpingsprinting, and COD.

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The height obtained was compared using the intraclass correlation coefficient ICC. A force plate was used to measure ground reaction force and to determine peak power output. Subjects performed a series of static jumps and countermovement jumps in a randomized fashion to a depth of aoprn.

Knee angle during isometric squats and vertical jumping ability are important determinants of the acute CMJ performance increase observed after a conditioning activity.