There is no way to overpass this. After removing the screws on the button we can easily see the drive’s internal design attention this voids your warranty! Speed-Boost is a manually-activated user option that reduces occasional noise and vibration that is sometimes encountered when playing certain types of CD media, by slightly decreasing the playback speed. We did noticed a delay with the response of the eject button but then again could be a problem of the engineering sample. Got one to sell? The official specifications taken from ASUS website are posted below:

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Which recorder is the faster? RW-Packet Writing Tests Leave this field blank. Despite the succeful flash, the drive will not be recognized from the OS After all tests finished, ASUS send us a newer crs5224 revision v1.

Rainier implementation is present. This result was the best we had using various media with Prodisc 40X certified media.

52X CD-RW Roundup Vol1 |

What code is in the image? CD Drive taken from old computer. The official specifications taken from ASUS website are posted below: For setting up the UDMA33 mode you just have to remove the middle jumper: The technology also brings stable recording quality since no links are produced during recording process.


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Other manufacturers Plextor, Yamaha, and Sony offer the option to write all media at the maximum speed by disabling the media check quality system. Took them so long to get to North America Despite a possible argument of some users, ASUS doesn’t support this, but offers a safer way to burn media.

Samsung Releases New Flash Laptop. When 52x max read speed mode, ejecting a disc will result the max read speed to 40x mode from 52x mode.

The drive expected to hit the market around middle of November. After having already tested two upcoming 52X recorders we were pleased to see another manufacturer shipping a drive with same specs 52X writing, 24X re-writing, 52X reading.

When writing CDs the led will blink orange. A CAV drive maintains a consistent rotation speed that results in different transfer rates. The drive is a November model with firmware revision v1.

AOPEN CRW5224 IDE 52x24x52x Cd-rw Drive- Cream Bezel

Even when a disc is loaded or a disc is not being sopen, the light goes out. The drive came with v0. With the beta firmware, the drive worked always at the maximum speed 52X without the special ‘Turbo’ mode.


FlextraLink and FlextraSpeed technologies are present to prevent the buffer underrun problems and ensure the burning quality. Writable Format s see all. When the disc tray or disc is being accessed, the green light shines. We have noticed the same performance also with CD-R media. There is no way to overpass ccd. Buying format see all. Leave this field blank.


That gives an average of Writing Quality Tests 8. How faster the 52 X recording can be than the existing 48X recorders? These are supplied with a flat general purpose bezel as the curved Toshiba ones are not available.