Hi there, Yes, if your PC and your phone both have Bluetooth capabilities you may be able to send your photos to your PC wirelessly. Originally Posted by DMHolt Contact Us Legal Privacy and cookies. I am not sure if I have this ‘USB host controller’ installed. It came with an installation CD, that I put in my laptop. Turned out to be a laptop settings issue.

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Is there anyone out there who has had problems finding a suitable USB bluetooth adapter to allow their PC to talk to the inverter. B-d05ca Davipon, I’m told on good authority that the problem of “grid disturbance” and my SMA inverter occasionally shutting down is most likely due to the fact that it’s a German model intended for the German domestic market.

I put it into the USB slot on my computer and nothing at all comes up, no message, no signal that it is in, absolutely nothing. It might happen every one or two weeks.

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It was the only adapter that I had. I couldn’t find any local hardware stores that sell it, and I can’t get it offline because I’m 16 and my parents don’t like using their credit card on me, anyways! Mike Comments billt June That may not be true. Hi there, Yes, if your PC and your phone both have Bluetooth capabilities you may be able to send your photos to your PC wirelessly.


Viewpoint Manager is considered as foistware instead of malware since it is installed without users approval but doesn’t spy or do anything “bad”.

Infected with a “trojan downloader” – Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Help

Posted 11 January – All it seems is not lost though, my installer has contacted SMA who will apparently give a code to change the settings to UK ones. Posted 08 January – I recently bought a GTX from amazon and want to redeem Metro: The time now is Then I restarted the computer in normal mode and it worked but froze again. Thanks for your buetooth I clicked “heal” and exited all the command prompts and clicked end now for all the windows, and then my computer froze. Here is the ComboFix log.

You say nothing happens when you plug it in? August 8th, 5.

Welcome to the Green Building Forum. The manufacturers Part BDCA shown on the device does not lead to any useful information, in fact the only real informational is from others like yourself who have failed to get this device to operate. Bouetooth, we can try to clean this up and do what we can, but keep in mind that we can’t solve ALL problems this malware already caused.

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Yes 3 No 0. Cheers billt ,It’s finally working and nice to see the generation figures graphically illustrated.

Also, I see you have Viewpoint installed It was late so I decided to blurtooth on it after school today. Windows 10 Pro x64 x3, Ubuntu.

I restarted about 3 times and got the same effect until I started in safe mode and ran a virus scan with AVG and deleted a couple viruses with the name “trojan downloader” and something bluetopth “click” in the name.

All times are GMT August 8th, 4. It’s bluetooth version AVG8 now, so I suggest you uninstall the current version you’re having and install the latest version. Close any programs you may have running – especially your web browser.

The responses from Argos colleagues are accurate at the time of publishing. Now the true figures are downloaded, it appears the occasions are much more frequent than I’d originally thought. I looked it up and read that if I type explorer.

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