For this, I’m assuming you can have some internet access while you get your wireless working, probably with a cable. Just to let you know, I updated the link above me also in my sig to reflect the information. I connected the computer to the wireless network at school and it worked. Next we check that everything there has worked ok: Skip to main content. For this card you need to use ndiswrapper, but the version that comes with dapper doesn’t work properly.

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Belkin Wireless Pre-n Notebook Network Card Part # F5d801

Put the card back in, right-click on network manager and enable networking, and see if that helps. That driver has something called “Heartbeat Threshold 5. Once that’s all sorted, it’s time to install your driver. I’m wirelews about the ndisgtk addition. You must login or register to post a reply.

Filen eller katalogen finns inte driver ‘tmimo3p. One way to deduce is via the original driver.

Belkin F5D8010 Wireless Pre-N Notebook Network Card Windows Drivers

RSS topic feed Posts [ 7 ]. Thanks for the tuts; they work great. Thinking Feisty might be better I tried again. Dear Danni Thanks v much for your how to – most difficult bit was obtaining the pre-n driver from netgear as the link does not take wirelews to the driver download page, and indeed its seems to not be there as described. I followed all the directions in Justin’s tutorial, so now I’m stuck.


You may try using the ndiswrapper in the repositories; it’s pretty much up to date I used an earlier version on Edgy that worked. Although I’m back on Edgy; couldn’t get Feisty to connect to any secured networks. That seems to contain AGN drivers.

Hello, I’ve the same problem and have solved with the instructions in this site: For this card you need to use ndiswrapper, but the version that comes with dapper doesn’t work properly. Hope this helps, Danni. Networkmanager just shows a wired connection, no option with wireless.

I thought Ubuntu and Debian were practically the same thing. Hello, I was unsuccessful at installing Unbuntu any version on an old Dell Inspiron noteook so I installed Debian instead.

Linksys seems completely useless to me, as they list no driver for either HW revision. I spent so many hours trying to get ndiswrapper to work that Nofebook just gave up with Dapper. Did you get a fix on this?


Belkin F5D Wireless Pre-N Notebook Network Card Windows Drivers | Wireless Drivers

The quickest way for me was to run these commands: The price beklin be the seller’s own price elsewhere or another seller’s price. Once you get no errors with the make uninstall, run this: The version I used is 1. Don’t worry, this isn’t hard as we installed all the dependancies earlier on.

It shows up when I enter lspci -nn No, just kidding; it looks like it was ahead of it’s time for a chipset.

Belkin Knowledge Articles – Downloadable software for Belkin network adapters

Next we check that everything there has worked ok: Show More Show Less. Unzip the drivers, and note where they’re installed.

I tried your guide and it worked, once.