Performance is much better with NiMH rechargeables approximately shots compared to shots with alkalines , so I heartily recommend picking up a spare set of rechargeable batteries and a good charger. Shutter Lag manual focus: The Canon A IS also features Motion Detection Technology, which automatically reduces blur by calculating subject movement and selecting the best exposure and ISO option, a good idea when photographing kids. I can do detail shots within 1 cm less than an inch and it’s clear. Anyone already familiar with Canon digital cameras will recognize the standard layout, and newcomers should find it easy to navigate.

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Exposure Maximum ISO native: Outdoors in good light the A IS produces dependably well exposed almost noise free images with hue-accurate, slightly oversaturated colors and somewhat harder than average contrast. Canon claims the maximum flash range is about 11 feet and that appears to be a fairly accurate claim based on my very limited flash use.

Buffer size for RAW shooting in single shot mode frames: I did find that a couple of more advanced camera settings, such as a2000is and Long Shutter mode, were a little hidden in the Function menu.

A IS vs TS Inside its sleek, pared down design, this top-of-the-line PowerShot A IS is packed with easy-to-use features. No On-Sensor Phase Detect: Although the framerate slows after the first five frames, in continuous mode the A IS can capture 10 shots at the highest quality setting in about 13 a2000is 1.


Canon Zoom Lens Focal Length 35mm equivalent: Zooming is fairly smooth and operation is relatively quiet.

Canon A IS Review

Provides uninterrupted power for shooting or downloading. Compact and very portable, the PowerShot A IS features the ease of a point-and-shoot camera design coupled with a few advanced features for more savvy users.

Under the Custom setting, you can manually adjust Contrast, Sharpness, and Saturation. Image Capture Image Resolution: The Canon A IS also features Motion Detection Technology, which automatically reduces blur by calculating subject movement and selecting the best exposure and ISO option, a good idea when photographing kids.

Canon PowerShot A2000 IS Review

It captures good exposures with sharp details and accurate color under most average shooting conditions. I actually couldn’t buy one- sold out. The A IS handled all outdoor image-making chores with aplomb and amazingly good results.

The A IS is attractive and fairly compact, but also noticeably different thinner, about 25 percent smaller, and 15 grams lighter than its predecessors. This camera takes 10 megapixel pictures. Facilitating ease of use are the Easy Caanon and Easy Playback options, which allow you to focus entirely on shooting the image, and view the images you captured on the 3-inch LCD display. AA-size Alkaline Batteryapprox. Continuous IS on full timeShoot only IS is only activated when the picture is takenand Panning only stabilizes up-and-down motion for horizontally panned exposures.


Canon A IS Review – Specifications

The camera does offer two display cannon to help with framing, a Gridline and 3: For movies, a 32MB card will hold about 15 seconds of the largest resolution and quality, while a 2 GB card will hold about 16 minutes and 47 seconds. Styling and Build Quality Previous A-series digicams were very popular with photo enthusiasts and more serious shooters cano they provided a high tweakability quotient, optical viewfinders, and a very useful range of manual exposure options. Well-designed and a breeze to operate, the Canon A IS should please a wide range of users with different experience levels.

Camera penalizes early shutter press?

Edge A white bar will appear at the bottom of your browser window which will contain your download. The Canon A IS’s wedge-shaped body style was comfortable to hold and fit my medium-size hand well.

Very good detail in the mosaic pattern, with minimal noise suppression at ISO Yes White Balance Settings: Mac is a trademark of Apple, Inc. For example, the Face Selection a2000iss Tracking mode accessed via the Face Select button on the rear panel can isolate from one to 35 individual faces in a frame.