Edit Report a Bug. With PHP5 the following example works flawlessly: It is mostly for use with MySQL. Don’t ask me why it is so different from the official docs. Ericks 37 2 6. Email Required, but never shown.

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Database Utility Class — CodeIgniter documentation

This makes the documentation very hard to work with, and any reference to a handle needs to be ignored. Remember for different codiegniter of php. It simply creates the CSV layout. If you want to connect to interbase server runned on custom port not default portyou can specify it in “database” parameter in this way: Interhase seems to be implicit when dealing with interbase functions.

The worst part is that It doesn’t even show an error.

Certainly, I couldn’t get the code to work when using it explicitly. If you need to write the file use the File Helper. If your database is very large you might need to backup directly from your SQL server via the command line, or have your server admin do it cofeigniter you if you do not have root privileges.


Note Due to the limited execution time and memory available to PHP, backing up very large databases may not be possible. Unable to complete network request to host “localhost”. Connect firebird database with codeigniter Ask Question.

If left blank all tables will be exported. Permits you to backup your full database or individual tables. The first parameter expects a query result cldeigniter, the second may contain an optional array of config parameters. With php5 on Windows i couldnt connect to a firebird database with following error: The first parameter of the method must contain the result object from your query.

Or move back to Win Backup preferences are set by submitting an array of values to the first parameter of the backup method. Permits you to optimize the database your DB class is currently connected to.

Permits you to generate a CSV file from a query result. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued intdrbase of the website is subject to these policies.


So, I have to connect to a firebird database. Failed to locate host machine. Iinterbase be sure to RTFM. The backup data can be compressed in either Zip or Gzip format.


Things must have been fixed since Simon wrote that note. Don’t ask me why it is so different from the official docs. Ericks 37 2 6. Sign up interbae Facebook. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Permits you to repair a table using the table name specified in the first parameter. Note Not all database platforms support table xodeigniter. Not all database platforms support table optimization. While logic would suggest that the format in the docs should work being based on all the syntax of other standard database access functions I had problem after problem.