For technical support please post your questions at http: CPUIdle requires no intervention by the user for it to work, it just works transparently in the background. Current ‘driver’ is called to transition to the selected state. Another important thing to make sure of is that you are using the proper u-boot. Some data may be corrupt.

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One being that are able to recover the link. As long as the format of the binary is proper the driver will handle this automatically.

AM335x + SMSC 9303 ethernet connection loss

The following wake sources are supported from DeepSleep0. Could you post the boot sequence like the earlier post? In all scale data provided by TI the i2c bus speed is specified as 0x, which corresponds to kHz.

The problem that you are seeing is different. The Tracer is not enabled in the 3.

[meta-ti] building meta-ti + poky HOWTO?

Although the driver core handles selection of the default state during the initial probe of the driver, some extra work may be needed within the driver to make sure the sleep state is selected during suspend and the default state is re-selected at resume time. This is dependent on which device is in use.


Here is the bootlog: Ethernet connection get lost, ifdown -a and ifup -a helps to re-establish it, but without it wathdog gets triggered:. Also the sequence that causes that problem does not seem to apply here.

Jul 28, 3: Driver musb-hdrc requests probe deferral. When the idle loop is executed, current ‘governor’ is called to decide the target C-state. CPUIdle requires no intervention by the user for it to work, it just works transparently in the background. By measuring current draw on each of these rails during suspend it may be possible to fine tune the pin configuration for maximum power savings.

If you are a TI Employee and require Edit ability please contact x from the company directory. To make changes, follow the instructions below. Is there just one ethernet interface on the AMx?

[meta-ti] building meta-ti + poky HOWTO?

The final option is to build the binary directly into the kernel. Use of the information on this site may require a license from a third party, or a license from TI. Even pins that are not in use and not connected to anything can still leak some power so it is important to consider these pins as well when implementing the pad configuration. In reply to Schuyler Patton: Driver amx-phy-driver requests probe deferral. Mounted root ext4 filesystem readonly on device It is possible to get statistics about the different C-states during runtime, such as how long each state is occupied.

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A standard message block is defined as:. In reply to Gordon Li: Many of the pins on AMx have the ability to configure both normal and sleep states.

Registered named UNIX socket transport module.

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Each block is a single I2C transaction, and multiple blocks can be placed one after the other to send multiple messages, as is needed in the case of PMICs which have GO bits to actually apply the programmed voltage to the rail. RTC-Only mode is entered via the poweroff command.

The clock information and the operating-points table need fakled be added as given in the example below. Please note as of Wednesday, August 15th, this wiki has been set to read only.