If your connection fails w hen you try to connec t, please try to reconnect. The details of your c urrent connection can be seen in the s tatus bar at the bottom of. U Access Manager will open the Broadband Networks window as shown below. Y ou can allow the softw are to automatically check for updates,. The data session can go to dorma nt mode if you are not sending or receiving an y data. By default U Access Manager enables the software for data connections. The U utilizes po wer manageme nt and system o verhead.

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The Company disclaims li ability for removal or reinsta l lation of the product, for geogr aphic coverage, for. When removing the modem, alwa ys grip the. If you choose this optionthe software will only check for u pdate.


Franklin Technology U USB Modem User Manual FTI U User manual

End users must follow the specific operating instructions for satisfying RF exposure compliance. It provides contents for additional informatio n.


Click the [Close] button to leave. It has user frie ndly interface and is equipped wi th many useful.

The text on the status bar refl ects your cu rrent state. U Mobile Broadband Modem.

Finallythe Setup Wizard shows confirm windowclick the [OK] butto n to. Display splash window when U Access Manager. U Access Manager installation begins.

This extens ion cable may be used to incre ase RF. The standards inc lude a. T o connect to any.

Its moving parts and electronic compone nts can be. High te mper atur es can shorten the life of electronic d evices, damage. The U allows you to. T o re store the application click on U Access.

It is recommended that y ou do not modif y the default.

The company shall no t be liable for the delay in pend ing service under th wirreless warranty or loss of use. Additional F e atures Use this button to con nect or disconnect the wireless networks. Connecting of peri pherals requir es the use of grounded shielded signal. This includes all co ntact lists, downloads i. If the progr am does not launch automaticallygo to m y computer and.


The following is a part ial listing of errors and possible solutions. At any ti me during you r connection y ou can check y our current co nnection speed and. T rouble Sho oting In general, the clo ser you are to a wireless u10 s tation. While th ere may be differences betw een. Setup Program for Win dows The firmware setting is not.

Franklin Technology U310 USB Modem User Manual FTI U310 User manual 20101108

Right clicking on the tr ay icon provides vari ous options wirelesz double clicking on it will. The amount of data that you ha ve sent and receive d since the current network. The U provides simple yet powerful user.