DLDI autopatcher is provided so you will be able to run the homebrew. Buy G6 DS Real. If the G6 team can improve on the compatibility of some games and get the DLDI driver for homebrew games and applications, this would definitely be at the top of the list as a MUST get product. Where i can find skins? It is user friendly, good quality and good for anything you desire — play ROMs, run homebrew, read e-books or listen to music. Man is this OLD nes,i remember seeing this on a site that offered paypal a couple of weeks ago, i thought “It must have already been posted” Oh wait, your just pposting cos you reviewed it, np then rofl.

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The G6 DS Real Review

If you experience any kind of slowdowns probably they exist in the original game aswell. Find out in today’s installment of Sorry for the many ral. Pressing start will bring a menu which has these options. Do you need flashme or any kind of passme device to use the G6DS Real? Jan 29, Massachusetts.


Download the latest firmware, then plug the card into the adapter, connect the adapter to the PC and simply drag and drop the files onto the card. Here’s a list of some games tested:. G6 Lite Flash 3rd.

For the best way to easily create cheat files read the FAQ below.

G6DS Real Guide & FAQ | – The Independent Video Game Community

The touchpod menu is skinable but unfortunately the G6DS Real needs more skinners. Reader Hide similar threads. Separate names with a comma.

Rom support is, as expected, perfect for the most part since it’s a slot-1 card, so we wont go into too much detail about that. If you want it you can also copy-paste the pdaDS aswell the moonshell 1.

G6 DS Real USB Reader

In the first screen you can see all your NDS Roms you copied earlier. Cheat Switch- Really obvious. Of course not, just like all other slot-1 flashcarts. If you have any questions or want to comment about the review, then e-mail me at maximumhashi [at] hotmail [dot ] com. TurdPooCharger Nov 18, No, create an account now.

And even if a game doesn’t work right now probably the G6 Team will fix it in next loader updates. These instructions is for Windows but i guess all other popular alternative O.


Same size as an ordinary DS flash cart. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Apr 15, Eastern U. If you like the Gigabyte measurement and not the Gigabit like me. Can you use GBA Roms with this?

Is it compatible with trimmed roms? G6fs titles only Posted by Member: If your homebrew you try to run is DLDI compatible and it still doesn’t work after you make sure that you putted in the root of G6DS Real as i mention above you can try to manually patch it and you might have more luck that way. The TouchPod is very responsive and accurate when selecting games and menus.

I don’t know what went wrong but here are the latest. Is it compatible with all NDS Roms? Do you already have an account?