I like the calibration style wingun uses. Apr 6, Posts: They still operate at 50hz pal or 60hz ntsc refresh rate. It’s an awesome piece of hackery though, with lots of potential and almost a “public service”: Last edited by Schnurri ; Apr 4, 3: I only wish they made more “gun” games. I can even see “Guncon HID” or something similar in device manager but there is a code 10 when looking at the properties.

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This page was last edited on gunvon Decemberat Guncon 2 G-Con 2 in Europe features a smaller body, as well as a more rounded shape when compared with the original Guncon.

This controller has been criticized for being uncomfortable for left-handed gamers.

GunCon – Wikipedia

You must understand I can’t legally pack my software with theses drivers even if they are free users must find and install it by themselves. Something about a file not found.

I’m not opposed to swiping an actual tv out card off ebay if I can score one for cheap. Why in the heck is timecrisis 2 so darn expensive. The controller is compatible with some PlayStation 2 Guncon titles, but is not compatible with PlayStation 3 due to its lack of controller ports. I got Vampire Tuncon with a Guncon 2 and I could’ve sworn that it said that you could use the Guncon 1 with it. The Actlabs VGA gun is no longer manufactured sadly. I program a little using Arduino C based language so I understand how difficult it can be.

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Flux2k Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Hi Guys, thanks for all the advice!

Thu Jun 13, 3: The 32bit driver would be suitable for Windows XP. I like the calibration style wingun uses. Home Help Gnucon Login Register. If you make adjustments to the config.

Which lightgun do you recommended? I can even see “Guncon HID” or something similar in device manager but there is a code 10 when looking gunco the properties.

Whats the difference between guncon 1 and guncon 2?

I got guuncon to work on my Desktop Windows 7 64 bit machine, but it fails to work on my windows 7 64 bit laptop. Is anybody using a lightgun? I know nothing about driver programming though.

Run the “1-install-driver” file, a pop up windows will open, click on “Install this driver software anyway”. Getting a mod kit for the guns from Aimtrak right now is not an option due to cost so if I have to give up the dream of playing some Lethal Enforcers I guess that’s just the way it is.


Please Help! how to get guncon 2 to work on PC monitor and house of the dead 2

Wikimedia Commons has media related to GunCon. It’s very much a wip, I need to properly document the project and simplify the circuit.

Is it as simple as adjusting the config. But, gkncon is probably because of the screen flash and the big hitbox around the target. Low money, so I had to wait a “good” deal.

Even then, the last fight on the ship the pointer starts to lose focus.

October 11, This is absolutly not the same technology real lightguns like guncon 1, 2, early arcade gun read the beam from crt display and calculate coords with timings top blanking. June 21, Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

Thu Jun 13, 1: I have actually managed to get them to install on a virtualization of windows XP or what is known as XP Mode, but the guns do not detect.