When the lever is moved to R Right, 20 the sound outputs at the right earphone. When the upgrade is finished, your flash player will power off automatically. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Review Sections Review Specs. No sound or distortion during playback. You can select the Bass Center Band level from Band 1 to 4.

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This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant ihgh part 15 of the FCC Rules. We found the Sport Band terribly unsporty when we strapped it on; the combination puts the weight of the MP3 player out far enough from your arm that it flaps with every movement.

Open the battery cover.

Instruction manual | IRiver iFP-890 MP3 Player

Don’t show this again. Or you can confirm it on the screen of speec when you power on the player. Randomly play all tracks in the folder and stop.

However, if listening to FM radio, recording memos, or moving files between random systems are important to you, then you should probably keep shopping. You’re better off sliding the iFP onto a belt or into a pocket.


Time display may not be accurate for files encoded in Variable Bit Rate formats. It also falls neatly into your hands, leaving the three control buttons and the thumb-stick neatly under the appropriate digits.

The player will manage the battery indicator icon to better match the usage level. Set the relative level of sound needed to activate the recorder. Automatic Gain Control You can adjust recording level when recording from External equipment.

IRiver iFP MP3 Player |

Lift the protective cover 3 is in progressing. Insert a fresh battery.

The Bad Poorly placed and poorly labeled buttons; mediocre FM reception; onboard mic picks up noise from case; requires software application to move data files on and off; doesn’t show up as a drive letter. Time range can be set from 1 to minutes by one minute increments.

Please refer to the MODE function controls page for user-defined configuration. Remove dead battery immediately to avoid damage from corrosion. The following uigh appears after inserting the CD. Plays 10 seconds from 1 minute into each track in sequential order.

Download latest versions of drivers and iRiver Music Manager at www.



Backlight stays on from 0 to 30 minutes. Study Mode is disabled. Randomly play all tracks in the player repeatedly. The program list is automatically changed. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.

Set the number of seconds of silence to record before pausing. The recorder will be in standby mode. Turn bigh the power of other electric devices near the player. When the upgrade is finished, your flash player will power off automatically.

Apple’s iPod Touch gives you a good portion of the iPhone 6 experience in a tiny package, Program playback is cancelled and normal playback is started.

We’ve changed, we promise. If the latest firmware version is currently on your player, you do not have to upgrade. The default value is 0 and the sound outputs the same level at both earphones.