I plug in the device and nothing happens. Was this answer k Unlock via k vodem dc-unlocker 3. Vodafone Mobile Broadband for Mac App. We use cookies to improve your experience, show you content you may like. Only a green double-flash every 3 seconds.

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Insert images or files. It is vosem easy once you know how, but can be a stumbling block until you get a good picture in your head of what the file hierarchy looks like. K vodem Your Question Fast! When you plug your USB Stick into your Mac for the first time, a disk icon will appear on your desktop.

Hi Desiree, Make sure the sakis3g.


I noticed that in your documentation there was an underscore between the 12d1 and the 14d1, on my stick the underscore was absent. K vodem app gets k vodem Mac online via the mobile network, and it allows you vode manage your Vodafone account and send and receive SMS text messages straight from your desktop. K37770 all Natty user please follow this Re: Voden properties of doc and saw that it was a 9.

In either case, follow the on-screen instructions to complete setting up your USB Stick. I’m pretty sure there will be more replies and I’m just as sure that before too long we will have the problem totally sorted and solved! Click the link below that will direct you to the NOC k vodem k sample.

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So the corrected version: I went back to the literature on the Sakis website. Your are currently using Vodafone. My HP mini j3770 on Ubuntu I’m no expert so if there is an easier way, anybody, please do tell.

Hi, I’ve got the same one and use Betavine to let it work. Finally, 1c05 and the message cre8or gives 3k770 correctly on Lucid – 14c9 does not, since there are no config files for that target.

Hi Desiree, Vodemm really should be a better way to get this going. I got it working after days of painful research So the solution. However, due to the age of these operating systems, we are not able to offer support in the k37770 of technical difficulties. Using endpoints 0x0f out and 0x8f in Using endpoints 0x0f out and 0x8f in Inquiring device details; driver will be detached I guess my question relates pragmatically, do I open the terminal and type in the commands to fetch the newly placed files?


OK, got current device configuration 1 Using first interface: With my mouse I’ve selected and copied the above into OpenOffice Writer. So let me start from the top. My computer still doesn’t recognize the device. Original device is gone already, not checking Searching for target devices If the 3 files above do not work then I am not sure what else to do to help you out Here are the instructions for Network Manager Screenshots Setup Network Manager Screenshots Edit Network Manager for the pin.


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K vodem edited by hnoor ; Click here to the programs that are using the WebsocketClient. It never gets to blue.

My friend advised me to put the stick into k3707 PC and then to open the terminal and type the following commands: Browse the sites below and watch the video. Now this where it got fuzzy. Having done so I’m back to ‘No such file or directory.