I have the keycode list and the only box checked in configuration is the copy line. Configuration Mode IP Addressing 1. This is a simple closed loop calibration. Also be careful not to get burnt when you touch the printing paper as it may be very hot. Page Request allows you to edit pen widths and screening by pen number with a range of Pen 0 to Pen

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The power cord may be damaged and it may result in a fire or electric shock. It is not possible to modify these stamps using the driver.


This feature is now built into the Request Pen Table. This field can be used to schedule a job at a certain time, as in KIP Request software. Log in to check your private messages.

Original Type User Selects the type of original to copy. Page 65 They can not be altered or modified in any manner on the UI. The output is important due to the fact that folders jip the title block in a particular corner.


An installation window is displayed: Page 52 Section 2 Copy Mode – Monochrome 1.

Paper Mis-feed Errors 3. Normal Print Crease of paper If the media is humidified ; The status dialog should look something like this: For information on 30000s to set up unified Accounting please see the Request or PrintNet sections.

KIP 3000 User Manual

When using the KIP Folder all images must print in Portrait mode with title block exiting the printer last in order to fold properly and finish with the title block showing. Mon Mar 05, 7: This sounds like more of a hardware issue than software. Page To adjust the Leading Edge, use the arrows to denote the kjp you wish to add or remove.

Front View Exterior Views 1. Fold parameters are assigned similar to Stamp. There is a pin 6 on the left side of cartridge, and there is a groove 7 on the machine side.

I was just simply stating that I have seen issues like that before and reseating the cards sometimes helps. Move the Scanner Unit to the rear side slightly to unlock, and then close it. Kp a desired size of the sheet.

Please note that the printer 3000ss be set to the correct size mode for proper print function. Custom settings should be configured prior to selection of the files. Page Installation The KIP has the services required for direct connection so no additional hardware is required.


The following four predefined test patterns are available to assist in pen table selection and overall quality verification. FLD file that contains fold parameters. No operation should be done by the customer. Regarding the gears they turn freely and are meshing at left whre you said.

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A list of Printer Description files should appear. Please contact your local certified service technician for configuration of this feature. Mon Mar 05, 9: The point I am making is the IPS number was visible on the?

January 17in Kipsamo, Nandi, Kenya Country: Page Select a file to move down to the bottom in the selected files area.