Also you will be using Mobile2Mobile minutes to listen to your VM. Although Verizon may cripple some of their phone features, there are ways around it e. Always read the seller description, but I would say to not be afraid to buy this phone used. Additional Product Features Display Resolution. Getting Connected How to find out what Port your phone is on. The phone is handy in the car because of the speaker on feature and it is easy to lock and unlock.

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If you dont believe me, dial and write down your minute usage.

If your paying, go bluetooth and be able to interface with your computer, otherwise don’t waste your lg-cx5200 The link didn’t work, though, so I never tried it.

The picture phone would be very handy if I could download the pics to my P. Maybe they vzw have changed their hsb Yet, it works fine, has a camera, and does text messages. Plus, they provide great signal. My 2nd Motorola krzr would only allow me to talk on speaker phone and I wasn’t eligible for any upgrades.


You may also like. Click HERE to get started. Now disconnect the phone from the data cable, turn the phone off for about 30 seconds and then turn it back on again.

Any Condition Any Condition. I had to experiment a bit to figure out how to get the phone to recognize new ringtones.

The sound quality is great and even though it’s been heavily used the phone functions wonderful. Power off your phone then power it back on.


It has a quality speakerphone and is everything is voice activated. The way it fits snugly against your ear, the subtle click of its push buttons, and the lightweight, compact design resting comfortably in your hand—all great reasons to choose the LG VX Welcome to Verizon Forums – the unofficial Verizon community!

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Send In isb few seconds you should see your uusb accepting the clip. This item may or may not be in original packaging. A progress bar on the bottom of the window will indicate that the file is being uploaded.

Maybe they vzw have changed their tune?

LG VX – Silver (Verizon) Cellular Phone | eBay

Getting Connected How to find out what Port your phone is on. I recieved the phone for work as a field engineer and the phone has its drawbacks. Could be a excellent phone, “However” Verizon didn’t charge for phone book transfer or for the lt-vx5200 of this LG. Unfortunately you can’t reply until you log in or sign up. Most relevant reviews See all reviews. Expecting Cell Phone Forums?


Editing files on your phone will most definately void your warranty. This Lg-vx520 Vx in its used condition gave me a more affordable option. Getting on the Internet anywhere is easy with the VX, as well. Load up the app and go to the wallpaper section.

Actually, somebody emailed me to say that there was a modified version lb-vx5200 bitpim that supported the VX better. Very good phone, LG makes a quality product and this is no exception. The features have alot of options making it easy to customize to all your preferences.