But Cuemix does not move the slider CueMix Console provides Talkback and Listenback buttons. Eight separate stereo mixes Dial up a separate mix for each output pair The x mixer employs bit floating point processing to take signals from its 28 inputs and mixes them to an output pair, such as the main outs. I have attached an example patch that uses osctools. Modeled analog EQ Smooth and musical, not harsh and sterile British analog mixing consoles are renowned for their musical EQ profiles.

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Balance mode works much like a normal stereo balance control, one channel fades in and the other fades out. Feb 27 This allows you to record, for example, your entire mix – including monitored inputs – back into the computer.

CueMix DSP™

The CueMix FX flexible effects architecture allows you to apply EQ and compression on every input and output up to 58 channels, depending on your interfacewith enough DSP resources for at least one band of parametric EQ and compression on every channel at 48 kHz. CueMix FX can be operated side by side with any host audio software for Mac or Windows, and it can be controlled from the Mackie Control Universal Pro automated worksurface.


Has anybody got a cuemix control of any kind working? I have cuemiz an example patch that uses osctools. Stereo operation Configure inputs as stereo pairs Two channels can be grouped to a single fader for true stereo operation.

Talkback allows an engineer in the control room to temporarily dim all audio and talk to musicians in the live room. I have some questions you might be able to answer. Front-panel LCD control Complete mixing at your fingertips CueMix FX allows you to apply no-latency effects processing to inputs, outputs or busses directly in the x hardware, independent of the computer.

Attach a print object to zeroconf.

Signal activity of all inputs, busses and outputs can be monitored via the meters pane. All of the mixing features described on these pages except for the signal analysis tools mentioned above are mogu during stand-alone operation, and all of them can be accessed from the front panel LCD. Will the OSC thing work over usb connection?

I’m trying to control my cueMix with a Traveler mk3.

You control the volume of each input. I’m on Mac Width mode collapses the stereo image to mono by adjusting the relative pans of each channel gradually to center. And the Oscar goes to Refining your mix has never been this fluid and intuitive. cuejix


– CueMix FX

Does it mean no AVB for me then? Now I’m using java objects https: Manual authorization, support cases, and manual order processing will be delayed.

Zeroconf crashes after a little time. So, looks like my early macbook pro now running yosemite is compatible with AVB.

Traveler-mk3 Videos

Apr 22 9: I use the patch from Sebastian here above. From big screen to home studio: Dec 27 5: And the Oscar goes to So, it is available on my new MacBook Pro, X. For example, you might create a balanced mix going mogu your PA via the main outs, but bring up the guitar for the mix going to your stage monitors via a pair of line outs, so you can easily monitor your guitar sound.

You can change the x’s compression settings at any time while recording or listening. Tweak your mix on location from cuemkx front panel.