The strings are contained in a specified collection of framework string objects. The EvtPacketQueueStart callback function is implemented by the client driver to start the data path for a packet queue. The NdisQueryDepthSList function returns the current number of entries in a given sequenced, singly linked list. The NdisMRemoveMiniport function removes the specified miniport driver adapter that the miniport driver has determined is unrecoverable from the system. The WskGetAddressInfo function performs protocol-independent translation from a host name to a transport address. The WskCloseSocket function closes a socket and frees any associated resources. NpdBrokerInitialize This topic supports the Windows driver infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

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The ProtocolCoCreateVc function is a required function that allocates resources necessary for a call manager or client to activate and maintain a virtual connection VC. The FwpsAcquireClassifyHandle0 function generates a classification handle that is used to identify asynchronous classification operations and requests for writable layer data.

NdisInterlockedRemoveHeadList The NdisInterlockedRemoveHeadList function removes an entry, usually a packet, from the head of a doubly linked list so that access to the list is synchronized in a multiprocessor-safe way. The buffer must no longer be in use by the server before this function is called. The interpretation and implementation mx-6877 of md-6877 throttle levels are defined by the independent hardware vendor IHV.

Drivers For Free software scans your computer for missing and outdated visat. NDIS can call a miniport driver’s MiniportDisableInterruptEx handler to disable interrupts for diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes. An additional IE contains both request and response data for probe and beacon operations. The TxSuspectFrameListAbort callback function is implemented by the client driver to inform the TxEngine mw-6877 the TxMgr has identified frames which are suspected of being hung or pending completion for a significant length of time.


NdisCmDispatchIncomingCloseCall tells a client to tear down an active or offered call, usually because the call manager has received a request from the network to close the connection.

The VmbChannelSaveBegin function initializes the context for ms-6877 the state of a channel. The NdisEqualString function compares two strings, in the OS-default character set, to determine whether they are equal.

MSI MN54G Wireless Mini PCI-E Card (MS-6877) Windows Driver

The NdisUnmapFile function releases a virtual address mapping of a file previously set up with the NdisMapFile function. NdisMTerminateOffloadComplete An offload target calls the NdisMTerminateOffloadComplete function to complete a terminate offload operation that was initiated by a previous call to the MiniportTerminateOffload function of the offload target.

Retrieves flags that specify currently enabled media-specific wake-up events that a network adapter supports. It is used in the Header member of every NDK mx-6877.

Networking drivers for Windows Vista and later

The VmbChannelPacketFail function fails a packet during packet processing due to an unrecoverable error. A provider module’s ProviderDetachClient callback function detaches the provider module from a client module. The WskGetNameInfo function provides protocol-independent translation from a transport address to a host name.

The NdisOpenConfigurationKeyByName function opens a named subkey of a given open registry key that is designated by a caller-supplied handle. The filter engine calls a callout’s notifyFn1 callout function to notify the callout driver about events that are associated with the callout.

The reference counter was incremented through a previous call to ReferenceSwitchNic. Each element in the array specifies the parameters for a Hyper-V extensible switch port.

MSI MN54G Wireless Mini PCI-E Card (MS) Windows Driver | Laptop Software

FwpsClassifyOptionSet0 The FwpsClassifyOptionSet0 function is called by a callout filter’s classifyFn function to specify additional information that affects the characteristics of permitted filtering operations. The NdisQueryBindInstanceName function retrieves the friendly name of a physical NIC or a virtual adapter that the calling protocol driver will bind to.


The channel will be offered to clients running in the specified VTL and no others. Header files that support virtualized networking include the following: The NdisReadConfiguration function returns the value of a named entry of the specified type from the registry, given the handle to an open registry key. The NetConfigurationAssignBinary method writes vsta binary data to a specified value name in the registry.

The NdisReadNetworkAddress function returns the software-configurable network address that was stored in the registry for a NIC when it was installed in the machine. An offload target calls the NdisTcpOffloadReceiveComplete function to return posted receive requests receive buffers to the host stack. Click here to add a The Sims 2 Pets cheat. Specifies the media-independent wake-up events that ms-8677 network adapter supports.

NdisOidRequest The NdisOidRequest function forwards a request to the underlying drivers to query the capabilities or status of an adapter or set the state of an adapter. This section lists functions, event callbacks, macros, structures, and enumerations used in Windows networking device drivers starting with Windows Vista.