You should be making any changes in Failover Cluster Manager, since Hyper-V manager is not really ‘cluster aware’. I fully admit that it is overkill but I had the NICs so why not? The W Boxes are as per HP’s recommendations. It sounds like you have an issue that may drag on longer than the SANs warranty: Then we create the mapping to the second server in the same way. Thing is, trying to envisage a solution from text is difficult. You say you’ve created a VM on Blade1.

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Not a happy bunny. I’m just happier knowing someone who has a similar set up Had the same problem after upgrading a HyperV node from R2 to When you say you map the lun to the second blade what exactly do u mean?

Server R2 – HP P G3 MSA – MPIO

Does anyone have experience with this storage model and with the knowledge to fix this problem? With kind regards Derrick. It really is a pain – despite working with HP for nearly 6 months, we’re no nearer fixing it. Monday, July 25, 8: Sorry for any confusion. Hopefully you have figured it out by now.


They’re replicating now somewhere in India, and fair play to them, I think we’ll get somewhere. You can just email me at info georgealmeida. Multipath portion starts at page 28 in the current mpii of the guide.

I want to ask how can I directly attached the MSA to the server. Wednesday, March 12, 2: The first thing you will do when you are ready to configure the MSA mas to run the Configuration Wizard.

We’ve only got five months of HP support for the Mas anyway, so we gave up on them and just went with what we have. You should be making any changes in Failover Cluster Manager, since Hyper-V manager is not really ‘cluster aware’.

Monday, April 7, Saturday, March 15, Hope you fare better. We are also teaming the two storage NICs.

This is what we used in our configuration example. Can you provide some more detail on how you have it connected and cabled? HA shoud work witout storage spaceas they are shared drives that shoud see each other perfectly.


HA should work without Storage Spaces – in fact, as Mwa said earlier – Storage Spaces refuses to work with anything that is already Raided I specialize in Windows operating systems, applications, servers, storage, networks and also have a technical background on the IBM iSeries platform.

I seriously think fallback to R2 is going to be the solution. It was a MultiPath issue on the server client.

Configure iSCSI on Windows Server 2012 R2

So why are there two disks associated with each device Disk 1 and Disk 2? Friday, March 14, Why did I do that?

Saturday, March 15, 7: Blog within a blog in WordPress. Learn how your comment data is processed. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. You must add each Identifier mss by selecting Add Session.