I think its even worse now that there are some that just don’t work. Can anyone else verify this work-around works? Message 18 of Message 8 of You can try it. Email required Address never made public.

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I later had to reformat my hard drive.

Message 23 of I get home with said drivers stored safely on my USB stick, Uninstall the Belkin card, reboot and run the netgear program I downloaded round my friends. Message 16 of If there’s no new driver by October 1 year since the W311v3 7 release then I am buying a new card There is a new download out on the WG v3 page that is supposed to work with Windows 7.

Here are the steps to follow in order to have your driver installed and working properly:.

But despite that software dev process all im asking for is a simple Yes or No if its being developed and what their expectations are for releasing. Always get the errorcode 10, device didnt start. Ok pretty much same problem for me also.

I think we’re all rapidly approaching the end of our patience. I did windws to netgear by phone a few weeks ago and all i got was a response saying “Oh sorry but we dont have a driver and we cant tell you when a driver will be available.

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Netgear WGv3 on Windows 7.

Netgear WGv3 on Windows 7 – NETGEAR Communities

They didnt seem to believe me when I said it worked great before by pressing F8 and they were very adament that it wasn’t compatible. When it restarts go to device manager. Code 10 error is the awful driver Netgear released today. I wiped my drives and did a clean install as moving from temporary XP64 to my win7 Ultimate x64, then found out that my Belkin network card was not supported Belkin F5Dv6 – only v7 or v8 cards of this model supported. Netgear are truly awful when it comes to customer support.

Message 3 of But yes that chopped tree pretty much sums the support im getting from netgear. Meanwhile, please understand that Windows 7 is a new operating system and whole driverstore has been reprogrammed; you might wait or push the device manufacturer to upgrade its driver.

I’m interested about your suggesting to install the driver in compatability mode.

It’s a problem with the driver. I uninstall all netgear drivers.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Sorry if im being harsh but im a developer and im aware of the development cycle, and it seems to me that people aren’t doing their job properly. If this was a product that is out of stock because of age then fair enough but its still in markets so surely there should be better support for it Its pretty pathetic winows a manufacturer as big as Netgear can’t get its act together to support the latest OS properly. Sorry, but how can I change the IRQ?


Netgear WGv3 driver in Windows 7 x64 (Build )

Monday, July 12, 1: The windows 7 driver does not work at all for me it just code tens on me. Message 9 of Here are the steps to follow in order to have your driver installed and working properly: I come on here today and see a driver for windows 7. I’ve been using the irritating Netgear WGv3 adapter.