I controlled the tripod with my right hand and pushed zoom and start button on the remote commander with my left hand. Opposite the palm side is the 2. At the very least, Sony could have added an extra third of an inch to bump the LCD up to three inches. Generally speaking, HD camcorders come in three varieties: XRV is hidden behind the popularity of CXV, but there aren’t big differences between these two other than the HDD and internal memory and their overall capacity is pretty much the same. Visit our network of sites: I sometimes think it is too bright, but it depends on how sensitive you are.

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Find information and receive instant notifications about your product. As I mentioned in the advertising, I purchased it for yen. It is not clear when I hear from the speaker on TV, but it is very clear when you hear through headphones.

Sony Handycam HDR-XR350V Review

It is slightly worse than others in terms of portability, but you know, it contains a HHD Review by Japanese user Apr 28, Hard disk drive, flash card. I first thought the screen is too bright, but unlike the setting for the Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcast, TV setting was a default, so I made the setting the same as the one I’m using for the DTTV and then the resolution became much nicer.


Each has an advantage over the other. In terms of usability, there is a small bump on the HDD part, so it’s slightly difficult to hook your fingers and you might find it hard to keep holding it when you are zooming, but it only matters with you are doing it with one hand. Even if taking video inside a room of 40 people singing in a chorus, you can easily pick out a specific individual.

Opposite the palm side is the 2. Contact support Contact your Sony Support team. At the very least, Sony could have added an extra third of an inch to bump the LCD up to three inches. You can still see it if you cover the top with your hand. Support by Sony Mobile App Never miss an update again! It camera shake compensation function is probably powerful, but using a tripod is stabler than holding the camera. There was no problem about battery-lasting for two hours’ shooting in a day.

Sony Handycam HDR-XRV: Build and Design

PictBridge support, direct print. Here’s how it works. Is the battery pack always charging while the camera is connected to a computer or the supplied AC adaptor via a USB cable?

The display is too small to push icons on the touch panel, but other than that, it is good as a hdr-xr305.

Sony Handycam HDR-XR350V: Build and Design

Ini-advice ;ang sa akin na That covers a bit more than half of all menu items. Camcorder Interpolated Photo Resolution.


The resolution is so nice even on the big Digital Terrestrial Television that I can mistakenly think hdrr-xr350 it is broadcast. Well, it catches the sounds of wind too much. Built-in speaker, backlight compensation, digital noise reduction, accessories hot shoe, Scene Detection Technology, Intelligent Scene Selector, face-priority AF function, takes photos while movie recording, Golf Shot function, Dynamic Range Optimizer, face detection, Smile Detection technology.

Sony Handycam HDR-XR Reviews |

It might not look nice, but you should create a widow screen by yourself or use a separate stereo mike. Can be satisfied I couldn’t make up my mind between a memory type and a HDD type, but at the moment it’s son inconvenient since I don’t do moving data frequently and so on. I think it is not very popular, but I strongly recommend it.

Visit our network of sites: Audio quality is also more than satisfactory. Thanks to the support of our valued customers, we are continously growing and adding on new lines at amazing prices for you.

HDD camcorders usually offer enough storage for days of footage, but they are bulkier and more expensive than their flash or no-memory counterparts. We’re always looking out for you at Shoppingsquare.