It has a creditable 8-millisecond response time and is claimed to consume 90W in use and under 1W in standby mode. You will notice that one of the positive features of this model is that there are S-Video, Composite and Component interfaces available, affording you a wide choice of connectivity for external devices. LG V40 ThinQ 8. The 24″ panel real estate, and large x resolution make this an ideal display for office work in my opinion. It is not uncommon for LCD displays to show some uniformity variations, especially around the edges and in the corners.

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Black depth was recorded at 0.

ViewSonic VXwm 24″ Widescreen LCD Computer VXWM B&H

Power comes from a standard mains lead that plugs directly into the unit — there’s no separate power adapter. The resolution is sufficient for running two side by side documents or web-pages without cutting too much off horizontally.

Privacy Policy and Cookies. The S-MVA panel technology offers wide viewing angles, good black depth and good panel uniformity as shown in this review.

This would result in the game being letter-boxed with black borders around all sides.

ViewSonic VXwm Specs – CNET

I have often found that the x resolution of a 20″ or 22″ screen is not quite enough for this type of side by side working, but the extra pixels of a 24″ display are another matter. Out of the box, the VXWM was almost painfully bright! My Profile Log Out. Glossy Piano Black bezel, partly silver stand. Mac Mini 8. VATyou could do a lot worse than this massive 24in.


Base section of the display which is detachable.

ViewSonic VX2435wm

The integrated speakers are obviously not up to much, but handy enough for occasional video clip viewing. Some noise is evident in practice, and with the large screen resolution, low quality or SD content can appear a little blocky.

Click for larger image.

The whole thing weighs only 8kg, so it’s fairly easy to set up. High Contrast Ratio and Brightness The monitor features a high Only a tilt function is present, and it’s a little disappointing to see the lack of at least a height adjustment on a screen of this size. However, this was less noticeable than Vx2435wk had seen on some other screens, and seemed to be less prominent than on my Dell FPW. You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time.

Widescreen Aspect Ratio The monitor features a widescreen aspect ratio which allows you to more easily work with multiple documents and applications.

Not Specified by Manufacturer. S-IPS is slightly superior in this area since it does not suffer from the VA contrast shift I describe, but users of the VXWM will not be disappointed in this area of the screen’s performance.

Black depth was also improved to a much more respectable 0. An important thing to consider for most users is how a screen will perform out of the box and with some basic manual adjustments. As usual I tested the screen in clone mode with a CRT to determine the level of input lag.


This allowed me access to RGB adjustments which were important for the calibration process. The back of the monitor features a large detachable plastic plating section which hides the various interfaces. Vx2435wn Mac mini review: You will need to spend a bit of time setting the screen up to suit, but it is certainly able to offer some decent performance all round once you vd2435wm.

Often, input lag is very low and probably wouldn’t represent too much of a problem in real terms. All in all, the VXWM is well suited to this use and does do what it set out to do, offer a good multimedia display solution.

I restored my graphics card to default settings and set it to its standard profile. Might be handy for some vd2435wm who want a slightly more colourful gaming experience. However, I personally feel this is more useful on screens of up to 20″ maximum, and rotating a screen this size is a little impractical I think.

However, with a screen this size, you really want to be positioned about 2 metres away from the screen for an enjoyable viewing experience.